All skills courses are presented on demand as part of sponsored programs or in public groups where there is a minimum of 8 participants booked.  
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Below is a list of available accredited and non accredited skills courses offered by Lead Academy:

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  • The Complete Business Toolkit (NQF L4)

  • The Big Shake-Up (NQF L2)

  • Business Essentials (Non-accredited)

  • Marketing & Sales (Non-accredited)​

These courses and workshops are aligned with New Venture Creation Modules from the Services SETA : Valuable information for launching a micro or start-up business, that is still in the idea phase. It covers business plans, marketing and sales, business finance and general management modules, amongst others. Also  a good solution for corporates; considering a retrenchment programme or looking to improve entrepreneurial thinking.


  • Business Admin (NQF L2)

  • Care for Customers (NQF L4)

  • Telephone and Reception (NQF L2)

  • Employee Power Pack (Non-accredited)

  • Job Readiness (Non-accredited)

This course is designed to meet the needs of those who are already involved, or wish to become involved ; in a career in Office Administration and Secretarial work. It is also suitable for small business owners to enhance their Business Administrative skills.


  • Six Thinking Hats Workshop

  • Then It All Changed Workshop

  • Vision Board Workshop

  • True Colours Workshop

These non-accredited one day workshops are designed to equip participants with various essential life skills such as;  decision-making techniques, creative thinking, dealing with change and more.

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  • Introduction to Computers (NQF L1)

  • Internet & Email Skills (NQF L2)

  • Working With Documents (NQF L1,L2,L3)

  • Spread Sheets (NQF L2, L3, L4)

  • Presentations (NQF L1, L2, L3)

  • Mobile Literacy Workshop

  • E-Skills (VUT Co-Lab)

These courses empower you and develop your technological skills; from what a PC (Personal Computer) is, to using software for creating various documents eg. word processing, spread sheets and presentations. In collaboration with VUT, we also offer digital literacy courses.


  • Mixed Farming Practices (NQF L1)

  • Plant Production (NQF L1, L2)

  • Moringa, Herbs & Beekeeping Workshop


A variety of theoretical and practical courses covering small scale farming practices ranging from crops to cattle. Our partnership with Grow For Health, provides us with access to workshops on growing moringa, herbs, as well as practical beekeeping.


  • The Big Waste Wake-Up (NQF L2)

  • Recycling Practices Workshop

  • Upcycling Workshop

This skills programme is ideal for individuals who would like to start a business in the Waste and Recycling sector. Also for companies and organisations wanting to train staff in the broad principals of waste management while contributing to the environment of a circular economy.

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The Lead Academy team hosts these engaging and fun workshops in a community, to ascertain the assets that are found in the community. This approach mobilizes the community and institutions, to come together to pool their strengths and resources for the overall benefit of the community. Each community has a unique set of skills and capacities which we channel to benefit the community.



This course is NQF L3 rated, and demonstrates the relationship between human rights and democracy. You will explore theories of community engagement and development. This course explains, discusses and evaluates the stages of human development and how this impacts on the needs of a community.



This workshop helps leadership teams to find their inner strength, motivation and improve their communication and negotiating skills.

It starts on a Monday ending on a Friday at the Horse Sanctuary; working with the horses as your facilitators.

The Horse Sanctuary is currently only available in Cape Town, but other options are available to replace this module in other provinces.

         Modules include:

  • Stress Management & Self-Regulation.

  • True Colours (Behavioural understanding) & Inspired Leadership

  • Seeing the leaves (innovation)

  • Managing Resources (Time and Staff)

  • Interpersonal Intelligence

  • EQ Integration

  • Dealing with conflict and difficult decisions


(a) notify me of upcoming skills courses and workshops or
(b) book or sponsor a group for any of the above courses