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The focus of the Genezis Youth Programme is on our Gen-Z school leavers. The aim is to support them during a post school gap year in preparation for their journey into further education, employment or entrepreneurial activity.

The curriculum will take the Students through a programme that will equip them with not only theoretical knowledge, but also valuable life skills through experiential learning using relevant and exciting topics.


At the end of the programme, the Students will achieve a Higher Certificate in Leadership Skills from LG SETA.


Where applicable, Students who exit the programme with commendable results could qualify for a bursary to enter other educational institutions.


The curriculum includes the following learning streams:

Tech Skills

Purpose: Introduction to 4iR, Digital Literacy, Mobile Device user, e-Skills with VUT, basic software skills (MS Office), tech support, Gaming Industry and basic Coding. We collaborate with VUT, HCLS and Africa Cyber Gaming League and STEMShack to expose the Students to a wide variety of skills and opportunities.

Life Skills

Purpose: To equip Students with valuable life skills and real life experiences. Examples of topics and activities: building confidence, presentation skills, communication skills, behavioural differences, let’s go banking, etc.

Job Skills

Purpose: To prepare the Students for entry into the job market.  Topics will include understanding the workplace, applying for work, basic CV writing, dress for success, interview hacks, workplace ethics, etc.

Business Skills

Purpose: To instil a spirit of entrepreneurship, we introduce Students to skills, tips and tools for running a small business. The topics are based on the new venture creation modules such as managing a small business, finance for business owners, marketing and sales, preparing a business plan, etc.


Creatively planned content supports the learning streams:

Accredited Training Modules

The curriculum offers accredited training materials and experienced facilitators, assessors and moderators.

Practical Activities & Assessments

Practical activities and assessments conducted in fully equipped classrooms and tech labs.

Experiences & Outings

Youth entrepreneur boot camps, EcoBrick building days, corporate visits, pitch decks, job shadow days, hackathons, LAN parties with Africa Cyber Gaming League, introduction to coding, STEMShack sessions and other relevant activities

Achievements and outcomes are important to the success of the Students.

The programme is designed to include group outings, life experiences and other activities which adds an element of fun and adventure, but also to keep Students fully engaged to achieve programme outcomes.

Goals and targets are set at the start of the programme and each achievement is celebrated to motivate, inspire and encourage the group.


Supply Chain Management - Occupational Certificate (12 months)

This Occupational Certificate course covers basic management principals, logistics, introduction to operations management and introduction to SCM.  It will equip participants with a firm understanding of the supply chain management environment in most organisations.


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